Chain Processes of Oak Hills

The mergers and acquisitions which characterize the company have an implication on the supply chain and thus it is necessary that the company implements strategies which will not impact negatively on the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain. The competition in the market is growing as illustrated by the rise of competitors such as Triangle Corps. The competition is stiff within the market because the two companies deal with the same products and services. The essence of effective supply chain development within Oak Hills is attributed to the fact that the company is in the process of being acquired even though the acquisition process has not been successfully completed. The revenues of the company are expected to rise as the combination of companies is to offer an array of upstream services. Oak Hills is in dire need of improving its supply chain processes in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. The special testing instrument as the main product of the Oaks Hill manufacturing facility requires applying a lean system in ensuring that all of the operations within the supply chain are coordinated. With the headquarters of Oaks Hill being in Houston, it needs to coordinate the activities of all of its branches so that they are integrated into a common business unit. As a result, the special project of the facility in testing oil and gas exploration can achieve its goals and objectives. The most important stakeholder of any supply chain is the customer (Hilletofth and David 264). This means that customers must be given priority consideration in the processing of the activities of a supply chain. Both the external and internal customers of the facility must be given due consideration in the supply of the products so that their needs are met. The effectiveness of a supply chain can only be achieved through the integration of all of the sectors of the supply chain to ensure that facility is able to collaboratively manage the challenges which face the decreasing demand of the Oaks Hill testing instruments.