Challenging Engineering Position

CLARKE RICKY RES: (000)-000-0000 RES: (000)-000-0000 CELL: (000)-000-0000 E-MAIL: OBJECTIVE To obtain a challenging engineering position.


2006 to date xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
(Name of Organization) (City)

Sr. Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

My job responsibilities are:

Support new product team design activities including:

Concept development and Product Performance Specification (PPS) input
Work on new product team design activities including concept, development and Design Input/Performance Requirements documentation
Project plans and schedules
Design review and design for manufacturability
Participate in design, DFMEA, PFMEA, and Process Risk Management activities
Assisted Supplier Quality Engineers for suppliers evaluation
Audited suppliers using ISO13845 guide lines
Assisted supplier control plan development for critical components

Plan, coordinate and manage all manufacturing activities to launch and commercialize new products including:

Develop processes and methods for new assembly tooling and auxiliary equipments
Coordination of all new production tooling and equipments
Coordinates and support of all new vendor tooling and molds
Development and release of all product and process documentation
Planning, ordering and management of component inventory
Qualification and validation of all new operations and processes
New product cost estimates
Preparation of the Authorization Flexible Expenditure (AFE) for both domestic and international manufacturing facilities
Evaluation and recommendation of the new materials
Coordinate and manage Sustaining Engineering projects

Plan, coordinate and management all activities to transfer new products from design to manufacturing including:

Development and management of a transition plan and team
Documentation, methods and labor standards review
Component inventory transition plan
Facility selection, coordination and preparation
Equipment moves and installation
Validation and training support
Provide engineering support to molding and assembly operations
Setup and validate injection molding machines, robots, vision systems and qualify molding processes and assembly equipment at outside vendors
Broad knowledge of engineered plastic and metals materials for medical device
Evaluate the purchase of new molding machines, automation systems, auxiliary equipment, and supplier approval process

2002 to 2006 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
(Name of Organization) (City)
Sr. Process Engineer

My job responsibilities are:

Support Gillette Fusion and Fusion Power, Venus Divine, Venus Vibrant, and Venus Disposable projects

Provide engineering support in sampling and qualification of new tools at various molding houses
Provide technical support and coordination for outside molding partners
Supported EIG with setup and validate injection molding machines, robots, molds, and new equipments
Supported EIG with transfer of processes, equipments, and training procedures to manufacturing
Provided STL with testing for raw material and qualification of various engineered thermoplastic materials
Designed and implemented a parts separation system for Finguard – increase efficiency from 60% to 89%
Supported 226 Venus Hit Team to modify Venus housing molds and assembly feed rails – reduced scrap rate from 8.2 to 2.3%
Supported 246 Housing and Divine Hit Team to modify assembly feed rails – improved efficiency and reduced scrape rate
Developed processing and trouble shooting guides for injection molding processes
Supported good manufacturing practices to improve productivity and quality
Provided engineering and management support to molding and assembly operations
Provided guidance and direction to subordinate level professionals, technicians and skilled support personnel

2000 to 2002 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
(Name of Organization) (City)
Sr. Process Engineer
My job responsibilities are:

Lead and direct six process technicians with regards to stack height, center thickness and focal length calculations, process changes and ISO documentation in order to achieve project goals
Conducted prototype development of precision molded optical components for electronics and medical industries within federal regulation
Served as a Project Leader in the commercialization of new products and developed manufacturing techniques that will improve in-house capabilities
Evaluate proposed designs and processes for manufacture-ability
Cost analysis of piece part and mold tooling
Support piece part, tool and fixture design for OEM products using CAD and CAE tools
Conducted steel radius and a-spherical insert compensations utilizing MathCAD
Responsible for the selection, formulation, and qualification of various engineered thermoplastic materials
Developed product and process specifications for quality control and first piece data measurements
Practiced Kaizen, 6 sigma black-belt trainee, Design of Experiment, Gage R&amp.R studies, SPC, and SQC
Implemented statistical process analysis on new and existing products utilizing MATTEC process monitoring system
Continuous development of manufacturing techniques that will improve in-house capabilities


University / Institute
Bachelor’s of Science in Plastics Engineering
University of Massachusetts Lowell Lowell, MA
Associate degree in Engineering Science with minor in Design
North Shore Community College Lynn, MA


Hardware: IBM &amp. Macintosh Computers.
I have complete command on the following applications
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
Lotus Notes
Mattec, Pro Engineer
CMOLD, Mold Flow
Solid Works
Minitab 15 certified


To be furnished upon Request