Change Through the Ages Part One

Change through the Ages Affiliation Change through the Ages in Computers The professional needs a strong background in technology. Some of the qualifications that are required to be a computer scientist would be a degree in computer technology and depending from country to country a certificate from an approved technological body. These qualifications are usually recommended for anyone who would like to work in the field without which they cannot act as qualified technicians in companies and institutions. Not only is a strong academic background in technology required, but also a keen interest and knowledge is needed for success.
The society today places a lot of emphasis on technology as most systems are wired to work efficiently with technology. The world has made significant strides in technology from people using simple machines to make their jobs easier. In this case, the use of computers has evolved over time from doing simple tasks to performing complex operations (Pepe, 2011). The use of computers has made work efficient in various institutions and corporations as it can perform tasks that would otherwise be done by a lot of people.
Companies have been able to save time and money by doing accounting work, auditing, keeping their records and even in communication with other people (Pepe, 2011). The work of computer scientist in the workplace is to ensure that the technology department is working smoothly. Their work is to make sure that all the machines in the company are working in great condition and also to ensure there is no internet threat to the operations of the business. Threats can be in the form of internet viruses, competitors trying to get information about the enterprise.
Computer scientists are held in high esteem in the society today. This is because they hold companies together. They ensure that there is the free flow of information and ensure that the companys operations are running smoothly and efficiently. Any reputable company needs to have a computer scientist to ensure that all the computers are synced and are working well to make the flow of information much easier. Technology keeps getting better and better with time (Towner, 2012). People are always coming up with better technology, faster computers, sophisticated software that are not only much easier to use but also very fast. For instance, there is a significant difference between the first computers that were initially invented and the machines that people use now.
Today, the computers are much smaller, use less energy, are much faster and have more storage capacities than the first computers invented. They can carry out much complex tasks, and as time passes by, they get more convenient for the users (Towner, 2012). Today people are looking for the smartest machine and one that they can carry out their activities with the most ease. Therefore, professionals in the technology field are likely to stay in business for quite a long time. They will always be needed since technology is evolving hence the importance of keeping up with the pace.
The need for change in the profession is brought about by upcoming trends such as issues in the privacy section. hacking and even viruses that make organizations lose all of their information. There is the need for tighter methods put in place to ensure that peoples information stored in computers is safe. The constant invention in technology may require professionals always to stay updated on the latest trends and to provide the best services to their clients.
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