Changes Made to America Society during WWII

The Second World War brought various changes in America. The war affected all the spheres of life including economic, political and social life. Economically, the economy was strained since all the efforts were aimed at winning the war(Kennedy, 2005).The war led to various to effects on labour, and the government came up with various policies to support the economy and the much-needed resources and labour. Controls were put on the economy, the most crucial ones being the price controls put on most products by the office of price administration and wage control (Mansfied, 1951). Hence, goods were sold at the set prices and traders had no autonomy to set their prices. Employee wages were controlled to specific ranges and amounts.
A rationing system was introduced to provide for minimum amounts of necessities to everyone so as to prevent inflation that was eminent due to over production of industrial goods and low production of necessities (Kersten, 2000). Rationed goods included rubber, due to the interruption of natural rubber. gasoline with limits being set on the amount of fuel one could use, food items and, as a result, ration coupons were introduced to purchase basic food items such as milk, sugar, margarine. Every household booked rations while taking into consideration the number of family members. The children guided each family on the amount of rationed goods they would receive.
The production of most durable goods like cars and house appliances were banned until the end of the war.