Character Behavior and Adolescent Development

Pony jumps out of the car, runs and enters into the burning church intending to rescue the children (Hinton 6). He does this without thinking about his safety and because he has no skills in firefighting, and also because he does not have the right outfit for fire rescue. Pony agrees with this assessment. that he is not reasonable when he says that he sometimes does not think. Adolescence is a phase in life when a teenager considers himself/ herself as an adult and expects to be treated as one. The reality is, they are still teenagers and are under control and guidance to others with parents, and teachers. Therefore when their elders advise them on how to live, the teens start to feel like the elders are dictating them on how to live their lives. The loss of control makes teens feel life is not fair. For instance, Ponyboy knows that he is not safe walking on the streets of his neighborhood, but he still does it.Adolescents also have another behavior of bullying others as well as defending themselves, for example in the outsider, as Ponyboy comes from strolling he is attacked by a gang. Also, Pony is thinking of how he can defend himself and is looking around for a pop bottle or stick or something anything to defend himself. It is at this point that we hear Pony remembering how Steve Randle, had once held off four guys with a busted pop bottle. Such and other examples in the book go a long way in showing us that adolescents have a bullying habit and are also violent.Work CitedHinton, S.E. The Outsiders. New York: Viking Press, 1967.