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Running Head: Character Profile of Dr. Jekyll Character Profile of Dr. Jekyll s Social networking profile of Dr. Jekyll (a character of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) is given below:
Basic profile information
Name: Dr. Henry Jekyll
Date of Birth: Reaching age of seniority
Gender: Male
Address: Scotland, where I have most of my originality
Hometown: I was Born and raised in Scotland and I have tons of memories there.
Religious Views: Christian
Language: English
Family Members: There is a maid and a butler, Mr. Poole in my family. I have strong and prolonged attachment with Mr. Poole who knows my needs and serves me and accompany as a friend and family member.
Life Events: I was born and raised in Scotland in a traditional family. I have constantly been finding an internal conflict in myself that does not allow me to stay calm and think and act one way. Dr Lanyon was very kind and helpful to resolve my worries. Her death was really a shocking event of my life.
Work and Education: I got my education as a doctor and I have practiced my degree to experiment several things in life. I have been able to create few unique potions that can be helpful to overcome fear and sluggishness.
Books: I like to read books of all genres but mystery novels and suspense stories fascinate me most. I like to read gentle and romantic poetry as well.
Plays: Not really but occasionally I like detective plays.
Hobbies and Interests: I like to read books, stories and listen to soft music. I have many friends and I like to interact with them and socialize to cheer. I loved to be with Dr Lanyon and her presence used to convert my time into memories.
I have many friends because I am friendly and gentle with everyone. However few friends are very nice and close to me like Dr. Hastie Lanyon and Gabriel John Utterson. Utterson has been very loyal to me who stood in all hard times with me. Dr. Hastie Lanyon is also a sincere and loyal friend.
I have no enemies as I have been very kind to everyone. However Mr. Hyde sometimes appears as a brutal and cold blooded person. I do not know whether I hate him or I admire his manful behavior. Sometimes I feel he is an evil and totally opposite to my goodness.
Long term Goal: My long term goal is to eradicate the evil force in myself that I have repressed since long. I need to fully control myself so no evilness of Mr. Hyde could influence me ever.
Short Term Goal: I want to overcome my violent and mysterious behavior.
Member of “Science and humans”, “Scientific Experiments”, “Mystery Novels”, “Evil Returns”