Characteristics of Business Leadership

The Byte shop purchased their first fully assembled computer. It is here that the Apple Corporation became founded. The name was based on Jobs favorite fruit and the logo selected to play on the name of the company and the word byte (Lee, 2001).
His highly innovative ideas of personal computers took him into changing the software industry and computer hardware. His invention changed the people idea of a Pc from a huge mass of vacuum tubes used by giant corporations to a small item used by the ordinary people. His development of the software for the Macintosh brought the use of windows interface and use of mouse that set a bar for all interface in software application (Halliday, 2003).
One significant challenge Apple faces is Jobs himself. Majority of people believe he is Apple, and he has attracted a devotion of followers better known as the Mac faithful and recently the iphone and iPod fanatics. He is like a secular messiah to his followers and a cult leader to his competitors. The unmatched record of Apple’s products got found under his leadership and whose desire for sleek gadgets is unique in the business world (Halliday, 2003).
The markets also are hyper about Jobs. To the world whenever he became faced with sickness the Apple share prices decline. The shares of the company significantly dropped by as much as 10 percent after the announcement of his medical leave. Rumors’ were also said that the company would be sued by its investors, who were unhappy with it’s about face on the health of its chief executive. Investors complained that the company was slow to tell about Steve Job’s honest medical status, and to incorporate a succession plan after his treatment of cancer. This is because of his influential role in vetting the organizations future designs (Lee, 2001).
The other challenge was the lack of product blockbusters that will excite Apple lovers. Analysts believe that the company has no announcement to