First Class Cheap Student Airline Fares

Cramming my 6 foot tall frame into a tiny seat by the window with my purse and laptop on the floor and my elbows jammed up against my sides is never a very comfortable way to get somewhere, even if I am excited about where I am going. Like many students I often peer up to the first class section of the plane and see the wide seats, the free drinks and the relative ease and comfort of their journey. I used to believe first class seats were for actors and rich businessmen but more and more I am seeing college students up there and I have to begin to wonder how in the world these students are getting cheap first class airline fares.

A little research was all I needed to find out where these cheap student airline fares were coming from. Some colleges have their own travel agencies or deals with existing agencies to provide help for students taking holidays or trips abroad. These agencies can book seats with discounts for students that allow them to lower to cost of the trip. If the trip can in anyway be shown to be a necessary part of a class or lesson sought in the pursuit of the college degree, many airlines have student travel discounts to aid with that. Contact your individual airline and find out what discounts they have for first class student travel.

Students can also get cheap first class fares by booking later. When you’re busying doing your job and working on your college degree it is sometimes hard to plan ahead and trips get taken without much notice. Many websites online serve the “fast travel” population by offering greatly reduced first class fares to seats on planes that haven’t sold yet and able to be sold more cheaply in order to fill the seat. The drawback may be the flight to where you want to go is full, so don’t wait too late to book those tickets if you really have your heart set on a certain flight.

Those big cushy first class seats with their own bathroom and dedicated flight attendant aren’t just for fat cats and old ladies anymore. Use the resources available to you and find yourself flying in style.