Children Killers

Twesigye, Emmanuel, the author of the book, “Religion, Politics, and Cults in East Africa: Gods Warriors and Marys Saints” argues that Kony Joseph was a spiritual leader before being brutal to his own people. The author identifies that at first, all the Ugandan citizens promoted the works done by the Lord’s Resistance Army movement since it was fighting for human rights. However, the movement later has begun rejecting own people and participated in brutal family murders.

Hoffman, Ben. Peace Guerilla: Unarmed and in Harms Way, My Obsession with Ending Violence. Ottawa: Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation, 2009. Print.
In the book, “Unarmed and in Harms Way, My Obsession with Ending Violence” the author, Hoffman Ben mentions that Joseph is responsible for numerous deaths in the entire east African society. Hoffman later identifies in the book that Kony has contributed to numerous wars in diverse nations such as Southern Sudan, Central African Republic, and Congo. For reasons of contributing to the wars, the international criminal court is charging Kony as a criminal.

Finnström, Sverker. Living with Bad Surroundings: War, History, and Everyday Moments in Northern Uganda. Durham: Duke University Press, 2008. Print.
In the book, “Living with Bad Surroundings: War, History, and Everyday Moments in Northern Uganda”, the author, Finnstrom, identify that most of the children in Uganda have turned into participating into criminal activity. Since the LRA has recruited almost all the young children into soldiers, the children are forced to participate in wars. Finnstrom identifies that the children that deny the offer of the job are killed or the ears, lips and the nose are cut off.

Dolan, Chris. Social Torture: The Case of Northern Uganda, 1986-2006. Gardners Books, 2011. Print.
The author of the book, “Social Torture: The Case of Northern Uganda, 1986-2006”, Dolan identifies that Kony was a raised up Christian by the family. After maturing, he formed the Lords Resistance Army, which is a resistance group that fights the Ugandan government. Kony suggests that he is fighting the government to make the entire Uganda nation a theocracy. This is to imply that entire Uganda will be governed by the Biblical rules and regulations such as the Ten Commandments.