Children’s nurse

Being a children’s nurse requires many special qualities and skills. Discuss these in relation to caring for a sick child and their family in hospital.
Nowadays the special attention is given to nurses training. It is easy to understand this because highly skilled nurse is a reliable assistant for a doctor, and the success of a patient treatment in much depends on his/her skills and knowledge.
"This year’s theme underscores the breadth of directions that a nurse’s career may take," said American Nurse Association president Barbara Blakeney, MS, RN. "Although nurses historically have provided hands-on patient care at the bedside – and will continue to do so – nurses also are deeply involved in health education, research, business and public policy," she added."
Nurse should keep medical secret, know the effect of medical products, carry out manipulations and implement care of the patient correctly. However, in work of a nurse it is not only professionalism that is important, but also keenness, attention to the patient, kindness. The main thing is to nurse the patient, to fix him up, to restore to health.
As nurses state, it is more difficult to work with children: it is necessary to dispose a child in such a way that he did not feel fear of pain. And sometimes nurses replace mothers for newborns and in this case not only professional, but also human qualities come to help. They say, successful treatment half depends on nurse’s work. It is not only a care of patients and help to the doctor, but also a work which demands a professional knowledge.
Till now care and supervision of children that is carried out by a nurse remain actual. It includes feeding, change of linen, realization sanitary and hygienic actions and so on.
Pediatric nurses must be enduring. They have to be indulgent, yet able to correspond successfully and truthfully with children and their family about their sickness and cure. And each children’s nurse must have the self-assurance to take a patient’s trouble into herhis hands. It is a nurse who should explain to young parents the rules of child’s care.
A nurse is to set up and implement a plan of patient treatment. She/he is working with experts from all Children’s health care specialties. In this team nurse guarantees hisher patients the improvement every moment of the process, shoes her care with every procedure. The nurse will even have to make rounds with doctors, considering your patients’ environment and needs.
The role of a nurse in the organization of medical process and a care of children is difficult for overestimating as it includes many important questions without which the realization of the therapeutic approach to the child would be impossible. It is not mechanical realization of medical assignments and recommendations, but the creative solving of daily issues which include direct realization of medical processes (distribution of medicines, introduction of preparations, and realization of a lot of procedures) which should be carried out with taking into account and knowledge of possible side effects and complications. It is essential to convince a child in the necessity to accept a medicine and to go on this or that procedure and it is not always easy. In this case the knowledge of clinic of diseases correctly helps to solve a therapeutic problem, making possible the positive decision of treatment. Also it is not always easy to inform parents about the state of a sick child, to communicate with them in the way that is most appropriate.
There are also some evidences of the fact that a profession of nurse is often accompanied with risk. According to the information given by the "Nursing Times" magazine, two of five nurses suffer under physical violence from the side of their patients. The patients, that feel themselves unsatisfied with the treatment and rae unable to control their behavior, attack the nurses or threaten them. The nurses cannot somehow protect themselves or receive compensation. The same research showed the only 1% of the nurses address the administration of the medical institution after attack, and only 0.5% receive the compensation. The researches came to the conclusion that the growing aggression and alcoholism are the reasons of these attacks.
The number of people age 60 and older is increasing each year throughout the world. The older adults are in need of more services in health care and medicine. Although the state governments in the majority for the countries are not ready to face the situation that changes so fast, being unready to provide the population with everything it needs. Older adults need special medical services, personnel and medicines. Except for all this, older adults need special medical courses that require a special education, thus much more nurses must be prepared to these courses and must have a certificate of gerontological nurse.
It is evident that the profession of nurse is one of the most essential professions in nowadays society. It is also evident that the requirements to an ideal nurse change very fast, demanding more and more features, including necessary level of education, professional and psychological training. Of course, the necessary measures should be delivered from the side of the government, as well as form the nurses, who should be ready for necessary changes in their education and training.
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