Chin by Gish Jen Lack of Communication

This essay analyses the plot of a short story "Chin" by Gish Jen in which the narrator tells about what he knew about Chin from watching him from day to day because he was eager to know about Chin. The narrator’s family and The Chins had different cultures and their own household problems. The point of view illustrates the core theme in “Chin” through how the narrator always watched and evaluated Chin and his family, how the two families communicated with themselves and society, and their social status.
The narrator lacked communication with the Chins which is obvious from the way he told about Chin and his family. In this part, the point of view illustrates the story through how the narrator watched and evaluated about Chin and his family. This point is very important since most of the story is about the narrator analysis and information that he got from watching the Chins. This relationship is established in the first paragraph when he told the reader he was not Chin’s friend and no one befriended Chin.
Chin did not socialize with his schoolmates, not even with the narrator who was both his neighbor and schoolmate. This caused the narrator to think Chin was different from the other kids and the idea that Chin did not befriend anyone made him conclude that Chin was a weird boy. The Chin’s family also did not communicate with their neighbors. Those facts made the narrator eager to know more about Chin and his family and looked for the information about them through watching them every day.