Chines culture

Chinese Culture Chinese Culture Q1. Three reasons why China has been able to maintain its boundaries without being fragmented like Europei. Comparatively stable and dominant Zhou bureaucracy providing a common script and highly valued culture, which kept people closely knitted. The stable Zhou Dynasty provided strong foundation to the wider Chinese territory giving people a shared sense of life and responsibility, which kept the population unified. ii. Throughout history, China has remained relatively isolated because of geographical barriers despite the fact that all its frontiers touch all Asian nations, but for West Asia.iii. Harsh geographical surroundings such as the Pacific Ocean, Tibet plateau, Central Asia, Mongolia and impassable Burma border gorges have ensured that China remains cut off from interacting with civilization and minimized the effects of globalization. China is thought to have remained detached from other lands, which contributed to its unity unlike Europe. Q2.The Zhou Dynasty is a period that existed between the Qin and Shang Dynasties. It existed before the Qin Dynasty but came after the Shang Dynasty and is the longest known Chinese Dynasty in history. This period is characterized by (i) commencement of iron use in China (ii) kings or Emperors were the direct link between people and gods (iii) during the Eastern Zhou, major seven states scrambled for territory and leadership via coalitions and open wars (iv) states, which were initially under the Zhou, became autonomous kingdoms with their chiefs taking the position of wang, the king.