Chinese Student Applying for a Transfer to the University of Miami

I am a Chinese who is currently enrolled in a community college, however, I am seeking a transfer to the University of Miami. this is because the University of Miami has a lot to offer in terms of academic, professional and even personal needs. The University of Miami, being a globally reputable higher education institution, is more likely to offer a broad spectrum of academic opportunities that I can only but dream of in a community college. I am looking forward to pursue my education in the University of Miami with its diverse academic disciplines, so as to achieve my optimum professional potential. I am confident that the University of Miami will offer the optimum conditions necessary for professional development, not only in my line of engagement, but also in various other related fields. This will enable me to be highly dynamic and adaptable in the highly dynamic and globally competitive job market.
Considering its global credibility and accreditation, the University of Miami is more likely to add a lot of value to my professional qualifications, unlike a local community college. I am interested in gaining high quality education and training that is going to guarantee my career prospects in my field of interest. I want to undertake some of the globally competitive courses only offered by the institution, to achieve globally competitive certification and accreditation that are relevant in today’s workplace. in this respect, the University of Miami is my personal choice because it guarantees all these, and much more.
In addition to that, the University of Miami will give me an opportunity to interact with students and professionals from everywhere thus widening my professional network. This is very important not only for my professional growth and for development, but for my personal development. In that case, I will be able network with other global citizens, creating circles of both professional and personal benefits. for instance, interacting and socializing with colleagues from diverse cultures will hone my social skills while expanding my social network. I will acquire a competence that is unmatched with that of a person that has not had an opportunity to interact with diverse cultures. Besides that, networking will also yield possible opportunities for carreer growth and professional advancement, especially through interacting with other professionals at the institution. These will offer sound professional advice and guidance that will lead me towards professional actualization, to be in a strategic position, where I can influence positive change in society.
The University of Miami will also provide me with an opportunity to tour the west now that I come from the Far East. in this respect, I will be able to explore its surroundings and environs, and to amuse myself in the totally new setting. I want to experience a change of environment, given that I have been brought up in the Far East. this will provide me with a fine opportunity to experience the new weather and climate in the west.
Ultimately, the University of Miami promises to cater, not only for my academic needs, but also for my professional and personal needs. this is the reason why I will be honored to gain admittance into this institution.