Chinese tea art from the Tang dynasty until recent times



The essay "Chinese tea art from the Tang dynasty until recent times" discovers The development of Chinese tea art from the Tang dynasty until recent times in China or overseas. In China, tea came to be developed in a very funny manner. It started from the initial perception that the forefathers had about tea. Their understanding about tea was very different from the way that it is understood today. This perception originated from the agricultural god who was also known as Shannon. He was the inventor of Chinese medicine. He is also the foundation upon which the five cereals were discovered as well as the variety of herbals that are able to cure a broad range of human diseases. This god was able to do this through the engagement in tasting the varied range of herbal substances in order to master the different characteristics of the herbal medicines. As a result, he was poisoned more than seventy times on every day. However, he was able to be detoxified through the accidental eating of tea leaves. The different ways with which tea was taken were closely related to the way through which it was discovered. Tea leaves were later developed into a famous beverage subsequent to the long application process. This was during the period within which it was used as a food, medicine as well as a sacrificial offering. The Tang Dynasty is a very important period in the history of China due to its function in the expansion of the feudal society in China. This provided social conditions that were excellent for making tea.