Choose a day in your life which did not start off well but then something positive happened

I. Day in My Life which did not start right but something positive happened June 5 three years ago, this day turned out to be one of the most ironicdays in my life. I’m a quite irascible person, and I have had short sleep the night before, and so I woke up feeling upset because I have 8 am classes. All through my routine of brushing my teeth, taking a bath and dressing up for school, my face was frown epitomized. And it did not come to a halt, throughout my classes, I was feeling ill, not physically but mentally and I could not focus. I went home at about 5 pm with no significant changes in my mood. But perhaps that was the start of something significant I was about to encounter later in the day.
I had to go to my cousin’s wake and that was about 7 pm. She was only 3 years old and my mood changed from being upset to being sentimental for she looked like an angel. I was conversing with my female cousin when she introduced me to her aunt. actually my cousin was even older than her by a few months. We went through a casual conversation which later changed into an exchange of thoughts on just about anything. I was trying hard for her not to notice my stolen stares, for she was my kind of girl, pretty, witty and with a sense of humor. I did not fall in love that instant but I knew there and then that she had to be a part of my life. We talked for almost four hours nonstop, and exchanged numbers. The very morning at the burial, I was delighted when I saw her the second time, too bad we had to part ways in the afternoon. for she and her mom had to go back home, and me too. The sight of her disappearing from my sight was sheer mix of agony and sweetness, for not once in my life had I met a girl whom I got along with very well and yet she had to go before I even saw her smile. A year and a few months had passed and our communication was somewhat of an on-and-off thing until that fateful day, 1 year, 6 months and 27 years later when we met again and up until now we are together, I feel so grateful I have her as my girl. Since then I always cherished the memories of that June day when I woke up feeling bad and that irritating morning was the dawn of a new chapter in my life, life with her.
II. Letter of Persuasion
To Whom It May Concern:
Please understand that my cousin never intended to do a thing as such, and even in her wildest dreams did she wish to do such an undesirable thing to one of the school’s top officials, and so being her guardian I find it hard to accept that she is not allowed to resume going to school all because she accidentally vomited at the guidance coordinator’s shoe. And to think of it in a reasonable way, my cousin was not drunk and the reason why she vomited was because of stress, heat stress and the pressure of finishing her thesis before its due date.
In any way, I am not demanding the school administration to lift the suspension on my cousin, but I am humbly and reasonably persuading all of those who are concerned to please analyze the situation in which my cousin is drenched in. For after all, the guidance coordinator should be the one person to understand a situation from all angles, from all points of view.
Thank you very much for the time spent reading this letter of mine on behalf of my cousin.