Choosing Technology to Meet a Need

Technology and Language Development in School s Section Teachers usually offer with the tools that are needed to adapt methods together with materials to their individual needs, continuous assessment, and flexible goals for learning. As noted by the Virginia Department of Education (2008), if a student uses technology that requires modification in the manner in which it is typically used, then the adaptation and the technology are regarded as assistive technology. The assistive technology plays a very crucial role in the provision of instruction based on universal design. Reed and Lahm (2010) add that assistive technology permits one to maintain, increase, or enhance the functional capabilities of a person with special learning needs. Its adaptations and applications may open doors to the previously inaccessible learning opportunities for numerous children with special needs. In addition, assistive technology supports both remedial and compensatory needs of the student. Tablets, computers, and handheld devices may be very helpful for students with disabilities since they reduce the stress stimuli and cut out distractions improving the student’s academic performance. The technology device will enhance or replace speech for those people with various disabilities in the understanding as well as production of written or spoken language.
Section 2
Big Mack Communicator is designed for those with cognitive, visual or motor impairments.
Chat Box by Unitech is a portable communication device which can be utilized to speak to messages either by means of an optional switch for scanning or pressing buttons on the keyboard. The device can store more than 10 minutes of recorded messages that are stored in four separate overlays. It is portable since it weighs 1.5 lbs.
Cheap Talk 4 has the switches arranged in a line. It is activated by plugging external switches into the four inputs that are on the sides or pressing one of the four message squares.
Dynavox T 10 is a small portable communication gadget with internet access, text, and email, as well as environmental control capabilities. It has great sound and volume control.
Device: Nova chat 10
Cost: $2500 to $5,395 (Woodlake Technologies, 2014).
Weight: 1.95 to 2.2 lbs
Design: Has the largest display compared to any other chat integrated communication device. 10.1 inch capacitative screen, NOVA chat editor, single along with switch scanning, updated userinterface, and Ivona synthesized speech
Dimensions: 10.5" x 7.5" x 1.5"
Access methods: The capacitive touchscreen is accessible by finger, USB connection, or included stylus.
Software: MultiChat 15, MultiChat 24, and ChatPower 24.
Section 3
Of all the Chat communicative devices NOVA chat 10 has the largest screen display (Jackson, 2009). It also offers well known Chat software on an Android platform including MultiChat 15, MultiChat 24, and ChatPower 24. Due to its lightweight the device is very portable for ambulatory users and can also be mounted on wheelchair users. The device has a 10.1” display, and the 4GB RAM allows proper functioning of the Ivona speech synthesizer, switch scanning, and numerous other features that can assist the students in improving their spoken and written language.
The device runs on a lightening fast Intel® Core™ i7&nbsp.processor offering a consistent motor pattern for words as well as a sequential way of developing communication skills, thus allowing unlimited opportunities for language growth of the affected person. Besides that, the 10.5" x 7.5" x 1.5" dimension makes it easy to hold by the users. It also has an auditory scanner thus suitable for language and speech development. The vocabulary options such as Chatpower developed by Inman Innovations offer a series of vocabularies designed especially for NOVA chat devices. Considering that the device has a USB port, it can be connected to optical devices, such as, Samsung SE-208DB slim DVDRW external DVD writer with AV connectivity.
NOVA chat 10 offers numerous programs that are aimed at developing speech. It has vocabulary programs such as ChatPower 42 and 24 that make intuitive communication easy. This implies that it needs to have a larger memory. NOVA chat 10 has a digitized speech memory. For persons with speech and language problems, NOVA chat 10 is suitable because it incorporates Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) to address the language development together with communication needs of the student. It also has Ivona voices which include a teen’s voice, a child’ voice and an adult’s voice (Woodlake Technologies, 2014). The rubberized protective shield offer protection to the system. In the same way, the color shells provide it with an up-to-date style.
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