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Religion is seldom discussed at work, though when it is, it is almost exclusively some form of Christianity. We all work in the same department, and there are notable differences in job description, skills, and education level. Almost everyone in the department has a college degree or is attending college. Nearly all the people that have degrees are members of the International Reading Association (IRA), and three of the technical supervisors have a Masters Degree. Though they technically out-rank me, I do not report to them. My only superior attending is my immediate supervisor. Needless to say, I am one of the least educated in the group, and the junior staff member. The department is predominantly female with a ratio of 16 to 4, and 2 of the females are African-American. The group ranges in age from approimately 23 to 60 years old. Everyone lives in the local area and many of them have lived here all their lives. Many have known each other for several years and there are at least 3 that are related as family. I only know of one lady who moved here from another area several years ago. I am a newcomer to this area and only met this group 6 months ago. There are big differences in pay scales, but no one is at either extreme of the economic class. Everyone acts rather middle class and prefers blue jeans to dress slacks.
The females in the department are the highest paid and have most of the senior positions. The minority women are in the middle of the group as far as pay goes and both earn more than me.
Predict the Audience’s Probable Reaction
Analyze what audience members are attending the presentation.
There are a group of 20 co-workers, all of whom I’m on a first name basis with. I am of a similar background to almost all of them, though I am slightly less educated than most of the group. We speak the same language and share a common culture. Everyone in the group tends to be somewhat conservative in regards to fashion, music, and general temperament. I am on very friendly terms with all of the members though I don’t meet them socially.
Determine the audience’s general attitude toward the topic: interested, moderately interested, open-minded, unconcerned, or hostile.
I will be making a presentation on using our databases and technology to search for the titles of children’s books, an area in which I have considerable expertise. I anticipate the group to be open to learning something that can help them in their job. The members I’ve talked to, about half, have been quite interested. This is one area where our department is greatly under-informed and education level does not alter or impact that. I demonstrated some of what I plan to cover to my supervisor and he was quite impressed with the process and the ease of use. I anticipate the audience to be very receptive and more importantly attentive.
Analyze the mood that people will be in when you speak to them.
The atmosphere in the department is always cheerful and casual and that mood will carry over into the conference room. Since I’m giving the presentation in the morning, the company will provide doughnuts, which should enhance the already pleasant mood.
Find out what kind of back up information will most impress the audience: technical data, historical information, financial data, demonstrations, samples and so on.
I will need to describe the legacy systems we will be accessing and give a brief history of their evolution and upgrades so that they can understand the big picture of the structure of our database. This is an area that they are