Chrysler ‘Half time in America’ Reverse Engineer through

The discussion below thus reengineers the advert in order to earn the advert some relevance with the contemporary society in order to sell the product to the contemporary American Budget The production of the two-minute video clip requires an appropriate budget to facilitate the effective capture of every feature. The budget facilitates the production by ensuring the acquisition of the appropriate production equipment, logistics and the hiring of celebrities among many other production features. Developing the advert in a modern society would require a budget of US$ 500,000. Just as with any other marketing feature, an advert requires effective research in order to facilitate the portrayal of an appropriate and relevant aspect of the product. In doing this, the advertising team must carry out effective research in order to determine the appropriate target market and the target audience for the advert. Additionally, the company must select an appropriate media or the advert in order to ensure that the advert earns relevance. The budget would therefore facilitate the research thus determining the features of the automobile to portray and the appropriate way of portraying such in order to position the brand appropriately among a target market. Additionally, the budget would include a traveling expense as the cast would travel to the various scenes and sustain the cast. The budget also includes the advert fee payable to the various media institutions that would air the advert. The target audience for the advert is family members who influence the purchasing decision of the families. While the parents in the family often buy commodities, the decision on the products to buy is often a family affair as some parents may incorporate the thoughts of either their children or spouses. This implies that the advert targets the general public but requires appropriate consideration by members of the upper middle class most of who are business people and therefore capable of purchasing the product. The timing for such an advert is therefore prime time when televisions charge exorbitant advert fees. The budget would therefore include such among other production miscellaneous. Channels of communication The most appropriate media for the advert is television. Being a video, the advert portrays specific features of the product that requires appropriate video coverage that requires equal depth of television coverage. In the two minutes, the television advert will portray the specific selling points of the products. Additionally, television permits the incorporation of audio, video and texts among other multimedia elements. This provides the developers with an appropriate opportunity for the advert to sell and position the product inn its target market. Besides the television, the contemporary society has witnessed various technological innovation key among which is the social media. Such platforms as the YouTube, Facebook and twitter would prove appropriate in marketing the product and communicating the message of the advert. The new media platforms provide the company with the opportunity to determine the length of the video adverts among many other messages that the advertisers would incorporate. The increasing use of the media in the society validates the need to use such in marketing the product. Involded parties The cast in an advert helps position