Civility and mass media 20 question multiple choice quiz

Which of the following is TRUE of magazines?a. They target only mass audiences.b. They target only segmented audiences.c. They target neither segmented nor mass audiences.d. They target either segmented or mass audiences.Any publication that is less than _______ years old has to be checked for its copyright status.a. 100b. 200c. 50d. 125Which of the following is TRUE of magazines and revenue?a. For most magazine advertisers, who reads the magazine being advertised in is unimportant.b. Advertising is a crucial source of revenue for magazines.c. The mix of revenue for magazines varies greatly among different types of magazines.d. Subscriptions account for less than one-third of magazine revenue, on average.How did the Postal Act of 1879 change the magazine industry?a. It gave magazines a special, lower mailing rate.b. It allowed magazines to be shipped overseas.c. It required federal approval for any mailings.d. It required special packaging for magazine mailing.Why was offset printing an important development?a. because “onset printing” had become too cumbersome and costly for the dayb. because the printing press would no longer be needed in the process of printingc. because an entire page of print could now be transferred to a plate that was inked and printedd. because publishing companies could now work in conjunction with one anotherHow did lithography speed the printing of illustrated pages?a. by changing the type of paper that was utilizedb. by replacing engraving with a type of chemical etchingc. by eliminating the need for costly electricityd. by eliminating the need for manpower or human oversightMagazines that are aimed at specific professional demographic or vocation such as journalism, computer programming, or engineering are generally called _______.a. trade magazinesb. consumer-oriented magazinesc. instructional magazinesd. professional magazinesTo whom did miscellanies appeal?a. a small, far-flung, and diverse audienceb. those who considered themselves highly politicalc. a professional, elitist segment of the nationd. those favoring separation from BritainWhy can magazines with large audiences charge more for advertising?a. because the magazines themselves are more expensiveb. because more people will see the advertisementsc. because those magazines are usually monthly publicationsd. because the readers of those magazines have more moneyThe computerization of the layout and paste-up process further complicated printing, as did the digitizing of photographs.a. Trueb. FalseIn recent years, publishers of magazines and academic (research) journals have cracked down on students who use material that has been copyrighted.a. Trueb. FalseWhich of the following is TRUE of muckraking?a. It has, today, continued to grow in importance.b. It was, in its early days, associated with newspapers and not magazines.c. It has, today, lost much of its crusading political meaning.d. It was, in its early days, used more to investigate sexual scandals.magazines started out as publications for those who could not afford newspapers.a. Trueb. FalseAfter competing with television for mass audiences, magazines targeted specialized audiences—ages and interest—and have prospered as a whole through the years.a. Trueb. FalseAfter you have submitted the quiz, click the to view feedback next to any incorrect response.Which of the following happened to magazines in the American colonies during the American Revolution?a. They expanded to Britain.b. They ceased their publication.c. They became more political.d. They became “dailies.”According to current intellectual property regulation, which of these scenarios would be considered a violation?a. You cite large chunks of an article published on Wikipedia on your online news site without offering financial compensation.b. You take a picture of President Barack Obama at a news briefing for your online news site.c. You reprint part of a 2012 news story on the War on Terror in a 2014 piece on the same topic without giving attribution.d. You cut and paste a photo from a magazine like People on to your online news site and don’t pay royalties to the magazine.Which of the following is among the most published interest categories for new magazines in the United States today?a. literary/review/writingb. fashion/beauty/groomingc. crafts/games/hobbiesd. comic technique/comicsWhat did the emergence of desktop publishing in the 1990s do for the magazine industry?a. It created a new internationalism for it.b. It lowered the barriers for entry into it.c. It blocked “instant access” into it.d. It increased readers’ interest in it.Which of the following is TRUE of magazines in the United States recently?a. Today, most magazines enjoy ten or more years of publication.b. Survival rate for magazines has dropped considerably in recent years.c. New magazines are seldom launched in the United States today.d. Recently, there has been a proliferation of more specialized magazines.Why have new intellectual property rules changed as electronic distribution has increased?a. because those who consult magazine content are more and more likely to steal itb. because publishers and authors are determined to collect royalties from reproduction and usec. because the government has weighed in on intellectual property rights and rulesd. because advertisers are hesitant to advertise in magazine where such violations persist19/04/201910businessfinance