Classification of Nursing Careers

Due to their low professional levels, and explanation as to why medical facilities find it more logical to apply the services of the RNs rather than LVNs should also be included as well as, the professional difference between the RNs and LVNs should also be indicated. A single RN is only supposed to supervise few LVNs which mean that, the employment of more LVNs also requires the employment of more RNs.
i. This section paper aims at giving clear explanations on the duties of RNs which include the treatment of patients. educate the patients and the public regarding various medical issues and provide counseling and emotional support to patients and the deceased families.
iii. In the latter parts of this section, a review as to why RNs find it more to their duty to educate patients and families on how to handle their illnesses or injuries, explaining after treatment home care wants. nutrition, diet, and working out programs. and self-provision of medication and body therapy are regarded their responsibility.
iv. This section shall also include their working capacities of running general fitness screening or vaccination clinics, blood drives, and public workshops on a variety of conditions as well as, work to promote universal health by enlightening the public on caution signs and symptoms of illnesses.
ii. This part shall also aim at the clear description of the fact that a Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse (RN) who has supplementary education and preparation in a specific area of expertise such as family unit practice or pediatrics.