Clever Marketing for Luxury Goods in the Fashion Industry



The essay "Clever Marketing for Luxury Goods in the Fashion Industry" concerns the clever fashion marketing. It first looked into the number of years that the number of years by which the latter are working as members of the marketing industry within the luxury fashion industry. Seven respondents (11.7%) reported to have been in the luxury fashion industry for less than five years. Meanwhile, twenty two (36.7%) said that they have been employed by the said industry for five to six years. In the same manner, fifteen (25.0%) noted to have been working in such for seven to ten years. Finally, sixteen (26.7%) said that they are within the luxury fashion industry for more than ten years. Aside from determining the number of years that the respondents have stayed within the luxury fashion industry, the researcher also determined which among of the three groups being studied are they a member of. Since this research is aimed towards ensuring the proper representation of the three groups, twenty respondents (33.3%) were obtained from each. These results are graphically presented in Table 2. As established in the previous chapters of this study, the era wherein fashion was characterized as super exclusive and could only be afforded by the elite has ended (Agins, 2000). In fact, designers are now taking their cues from consumers from the mainstream and creativity has been channeled to the mass-marketing clothes. As a result, members of the industry were seen to have joined financial groups.