CocaCola Companys Culture

Corporate Culture of a business firm shapes the process of conducting business operations and activities. It signifies the different types of behaviors and relationship patterns reflected by the business enterprise in the course of dealing with its internal and external stakeholders and organizational people. The business culture of Coca-Cola encompasses the parameters of integrity, passion, empowerment, commitment and diversity as the key standpoints in motivating the people to work in a spirited fashion. The organizational culture of Coca-Cola ignites the passion within the individuals to perform in an exalted fashion so as to continually work to promote creativity and innovation in their job pursuits. The people also work as Change Agents in the enterprise domain (Our people, culture, vision and values. Workplace Culture). To this end, the above cultural paradigms of Coca-Cola tend to have an impact on the Job Performance criterion of the people in the concern. Job Performance is defined as the effective value gained from the different behavioral reflections of the employees that in turn tend to have an impact, positive or negative pertaining to the mode of accomplishment of organizational goals. Though these behavioral sets can be effectively controlled by the individual employees yet individual behavioral types like ‘Task Performer’ and ‘Citizenship Behavior’ are related as such that help in the effective goal accomplishments while ‘Counterproductive Behavior’ is taken to negatively impact the goal accomplishment function. ‘Task Performers’ and ‘Citizenship Behaviors’ are those employees that proactively work to transform the resources available with the concern in the form of technology, human and financial capital to produce desired set of goods and services and those that without any need for earning rewards move to form effective interpersonal relationships with other organizational people and also such that tend to defend the concern and boost the motivation levels respectively (Colquitt, LePine and Wesson 37-50). The work culture of Coca Cola encourages people to actively work in an empowered fashion to help accomplish organizational goals effectively. Moreover, the business culture of the firm is open motivates the people to work in a coordinated fashion to achieve end goals. In terms of Applications of Performance Management, the management team at Coca-Cola tends to work on the process of Management by Objectives where the employees mutually coordinate with their managers to perform a given set of objectives within a stipulated time period. Evaluation of the performance of the employees is conducted based on the degree of achievement of the objectives set (Colquitt, LePine and Wesson 55. Employment: Our People).Three different components are mainly identified with the cultural framework of an organization like firstly ‘Behavior’ that relates to the different types of conducts or events reflected by the company. secondly ‘ingrained values and internal beliefs’ that in turn contribute to the development of objectives for organizational values and mission and finally the third component relates to the Assumptions’ held concerning the company’s mission and visionary values (Lussier and Kimball 160). The organizational culture of Coca-Cola is found to be composed of value sets related to the centralization of decision-making functions and also focuses on dependability on a formal or hierarchal work system.