Comic Strip conversations for autistic students



In order to select the subjects for the study, the researchers observed students on a daily basis for two weeks and made notes of the social behavior exhibited by them. They also made a note of the levels of loneliness and signs of social interaction difficulties experienced by them. The researchers also consulted with the authors to identify students with severe social skill deficiencies. Student-I complained of having no friends. His behavior in the playground showed him displaying violent behavior with his peers. Such behavior was often displayed as a means to get the ball but more as a means to vent his frustration or anger at another student. Student-II was a shy child who lacked eye contract and social etiquette such as a social greeting. Student-III displayed signs of non-co operation and cried often to get others to play a game of his choice. This student did not talk much and talked of not wanting to attend school. The parents of the subjects were given forms seeking permission for allowing their sons and daughters to be used as subjects in the project and for publication of the data obtained by such a study. Along with this letter was an explanation why their child was chosen to be a subject for the particular study. Moreover, the students were also taken into confidence before going ahead with the study. As per the district training, these students were placed on the autistic category and were placed in classrooms with students suffering from a high degree of autism.