Communicating in a Virtual World

The author of the paper tells that communication technology has affected the ways in which individuals deal with experiences of abuse. Battered women have access to a new medium where they can gain support and protection from their violent and unfortunate circumstances. Survivors of domestic abuse are now online and they are assisting other women going through the same difficulties they have encountered in the past. Some studies have revealed that more women are surfing the net. The American Psychological Association has also revealed that one in three adult women have experienced abuse. They further extrapolate that since women are surfing the web more than men, it is reasonable to assume that some of these women are victims of abuse. Psychologists prove these assumptions to be true by revealing that online resources to help groups have a large number of email requests for advocacy and crisis support. Online help groups for domestic violence has now become a useful and powerful avenue as it provides a medium for populations who are unable to personally get help for their psychological and physical suffering. The internet reduces cost and eliminates the inconvenience of having to personally consult with psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Critical communication can also be transmitted in a convenient and timely manner through the internet. The Internet can alleviate physical and geographic barriers for people with mobility limitations due to disabilities, those who live in rural areas with limited support resources available to them, and those with caregiving responsibilities who are unable to leave their home.