5 Question 4 Evaluate how the existing processes channels of communication might have affected team-working and the organisation’s performance and make recommendations for improvement. 6 Question 5 Justify how the implementation of your recommendations will benefit the organization ensure greater integration of communication systems. 7 References 9 Question 1 What are the current issues and problems relating to Graham’s company and his teams? Write your analysis of the case study. Graham’s company currently faces a series of problems which seem to be related to the following fact: the lack of effective communication between employees at all organizational levels. More specifically, in Graham’s company conflicts have become a daily phenomenon in the workplace. At managerial level, the lack of awareness of employees’ needs have led to the development of ineffective strategies. Indeed, managers ignore the challenges that employees face and promote strategies that are quite difficult to be implemented. Graham has repeatedly tried to intervene and promote appropriate solutions but the elimination of conflicts in the workplace seems to be impossible. The expansion of conflicts across the company can be explained if taking into consideration the company’s development through the years. The company has faced a quite rapid growth. In its first form, the company had just four managers who were the company’s founding members. Through the years, the expansion of business activities led necessarily to the hiring of staff, including managers. The changes on the company’s culture have been inevitable. However, no plan was implemented for managing change and for securing effective communication in the workplace. The lack of such plan has resulted to the company’s current communication problems. The lack of respect and trust in the workplace has caused the further expansion of the company’s communication problem. The elimination of communication problems in Graham Company is primarily related to the willingness of managers and staff to collaborate so that team-working is promoted across the organization. Question 2 Do you agree with the strategies used by Impact Consulting? Justify your answer and make recommendations as what other strategies the company could use to promote team spirit to help motivate provide support to the teams. In general, Impact Consulting has focused on the improvement of the leading skills of the firm’s managers. Indeed, at a first level a questionnaire has been used for identifying the managers’ thought on critical issues. in this way, the strengths and weaknesses of managers, as leaders, can be revealed. The response of the managers to the particular initiative has been positive setting the basis for the development of an effective communication plan between managers and employees at lower levels of the organizational hierarchy. In addition, a series of sessions has been arranged for helping managers to improve their strategic planning and collaboration skills. Particular emphasis has been given on the CEO’s training. Coaching sessions have been arranged for increasing the CEO’s skills in managing culture changes. This means that the consultants in Impact Consulting have understood the vital role of culture in the firm’s performance. However, the effective management of culture in each organization is not related only to the