Communication And Aging

Critical Analysis: Communication and Aging" Aging is a continuous physiological process. In the present scenario when the medical facilities are advancing, the longevity and, hence, the age of the individual are also meeting their new paradigms. After going through the literature, two perspectives related to the process of aging turned up. Is it really fair on the part of elderly population to stretch their age on the back of ill health and expensive medications? Who should be given the preference: the younger or the older patient, if the treatment plans for both these ages differ?
Considering these of paramount significance, the present analysis critically describes various aspects of aging encompassing the social roles both groups play, the cognitive function, self concept and social relationships maintained between these two groups.
The average life expectancy of the individual has augmented. When compared with previous ratio of young children and elderly group, today the number of children and elderly group remains equal. Research models with altered genetic makeup could bring success to conquer age. but is there a general awareness regarding the cost to replace the damaged organ of an elder? Advocates say, even the machines need replacement so do humans. Unfortunately, human beings are on the brink when it becomes essential to realize that longivity is becoming a necessary iniquity. People do want to survive to live their lives and see their third generation but at the same time elderly group is enhancing stress for the younger generation. Jobs are limited, once an individual procures job, he/ she continues till retirement, the post is not going to be vacant for a youngester with better efficiency, as well as superior physical and mental abilities, thereby less opportunities are being available for the younger generation besides the fact that new avenues are mushrooming everywhere. The competion to secure their job and hence the future in certain cases, leads to frustration, anxiety, corruption and terrorism. A thought is required to understand the importance. is it essential to prevent elders, spend on their health or promote young talents from slaughtering hopes from life.
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