Community Report

The organization believes that poverty is the beginning of all the worlds’ injustices. The global effect of these injustices is caused by the imbalanced nature of the social composition. The main concern of the organization is the global poverty. Working with other organization being local or international has managed it addresses the global poverty issue with focused being on the developing nations (Zakaia, 2003). Among activities that the organization undertakes is the way they encourage other local NGO to work with the organization in finding solution to the poverty issue. The high cost of living means adjustment to the wage rates and the organization advocated for better pay to the citizens and lobby groups to enhance their quest in aiding the society this is regardless of race. The organization fights to ensure the minimal wage is standards across gender and race of any worker reflects the current economical situation. It ensures that mechanisms are in place to ensure that they work with the international aid programs and channel resources available to ensure those working are able to afford basic commodities and use their earnings to enhance their stay (RAINBO organization, 2014).
The level of illiteracy in most women is related to unfriendly environment that the females are subjected to and the situation is worse in women of colored skin commonly reffered to as the African Americans (Tatum, 1997). A way to eradicate the high level of global poverty is to invest in education. The young generation would bring about future changes in the social class and position in society. The society offers diversity and inequalities due to race are the reasons for existing societal gaps (Ehrenreich, &amp. Ehrenreich, 2011). The society needs children whose future is guaranteed and their requirements and needs while studying are dealt with. Most of the children originate from very poor