Community safety

Home security to low income communities is a service which is been provided by American Corps under Safe Neighbourhood AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP). They provide free demonstration security assessments and hardware instalments and provide instruments on demand. This helps them in saving their money on training and resident feel secure. Probability of failure is negligible as only one among all accessed house has faced this problem (SNAP, 2000).
Fire Safety is a process by which measures are taken for preventing and reducing fire disasters. It can be implemented during and after construction of building. Its education is also required to individuals for their premises safety.
Workplace fire safety is a non – domestic area safety. In England, it is done under supervision of Communities and Local Government (CLG) and in Scotland and Wales under Scottish Government and Wales Assembly Government. HSE (Health and Safety Executive) looks after cases responsible for fire safety.
Good Neighbourhood Watch Schemes is a strategy which helps in reducing crime in local areas by motivating individuals to accept their responsibilities towards self safety and community safety. CCTV and Radio link are been used for reducing crime taking place in retail shops and streets. Education and promotions of diversionary related to youth are implemented for reducing rate of crime and offences related to young people. It also helps in overcoming hatred and prejudice. For this protection schemes are also been formulated and implemented. Agencies are established and many schemes and policies are adopted for stopping distribution of drugs and alcohols among young generation. Online services and many agencies and policies are been adopted for stopping domestic violence and sexual assault. Stay Safe Stay Secure Scheme is been adopted for helping older people. It helps them to feel safe in their home (BCSP, 2008).
There are many issues faced by fire safety departments. They can be