Compare the rights of LGBTQ persons in the different traditions

ty become such a major issue with some even claiming it to be the most dangerous threat to Christian life and to the gospel, part of the cosmic battle that Satan is waging against the church? The interesting thing is that it need not be so central. It is quite clear that in the Bible homosexuality does not receive a lot of attention. In the Canada, Judaism and mainline Protestant faiths are usually seen as the most liberal, followed by Catholicism. Majority of Catholics are accepting towards LGBT but not their leaders. Catholic Church leaders still remain antagonistic towards it. Relative to other religious groups in Canada, conservative Protestants are typically seen as having the least accepting attitudes.
In the media, articles and features concerning LGBT more often than not paint Christian institutions as discriminative towards LGBT. Cases of lawsuits against church institutions in response to discrimination are becoming frequent. There are also cases where teenage suicides are attributed to be caused by stigma experienced by homosexual teenagers in Christian schools. The Church maintains that they do this to keep in line with their faith which is intolerant toward any sexually deviant behaviour. In response to legal action, the Church maintains that this is discriminatory toward them. The issue that arises is that the discrimination that the Church reports is in response to laws that prevent them from discriminating against LGBT people.
The Jewish Community, on the other hand, holds a different view. Among the Jewish community, sexual orientation is considered to be biological and not a choice hence the wide acceptance of LGBT. The Jewish community however, does not hold as much influence as the Christian faction and is therefore rarely featured in news articles. This is also in part due to the fact that it supports LGBT people. Despite this, there exist minor assemblies within the Jewish community who hold antagonistic views towards LGBT by the numbers are