Comparison/contrast between two different grandparents

Although I love each of my grandmothers in her own way, Grandma Agnes is a better conventionalist: more interesting, more engaging, and more open.
First, Grandma Agnes is an interesting person unlike the cold Grandma Pauline. She possesses the dearest human attributes I for one will wish to build in. Her easier, happier, and generous lifestyle makes her stand tall above Grandma Pauline. Grandma Agnes performs her minnow duties in her ever jovial moods. She does the daily wiping of the window panes as she whistles out the golden country side music tune she prefer most. For example, I remember the other day she was mopping. she twisted her shaking old bones in an attempt to dance as the music played in low tone from her bedroom. As we secretly watched her, we found ourselves in uncontrollable laughter. As humorous as ever, she retaliated in a more vicious dance and unable to support herself, she fell. We rushed to help her up only for her to wake up like a wounded lion. We scattered around from her scare in a deafening laughter. This makes everyone desire to spend his/her leisure times with Grandma Agnes. What makes her interesting are her humorous actions and the laughable choice of words she possesses. On the other hand, Grandma Pauline is too much to herself and always moody. Staying with her makes everyone nervous. My Grandma is rarely happy. She is not a cherry woman. She does not want to go out, but rather spend the day alone attending to her odd pullovers. This makes her not ever speak for a day. The only thing that comes from her mouth is just orders and directives she would want you to perform. Moreover, she does not want anyone to come over to her house. Even when you go visit her, you find yourself playing with dolls or glued to her boring T.V programs, which she deems favorite. Since I like partying a lot, she cannot allow me to have parties in her house simply because of the deafening sound of music. She also claims that she is very