Comparison of Saudi Culture with the German Culture

When Germans miss a deadline, they hold individuals accountable for the delay. They blame one another and say that the deadline could have been met had they been careful in their work. On the other hand, Saudi Arabs never blame one another for missing a deadline. If a deadline is missed, it was destined to be missed in the Saudi perspective. Saudi Arabs believe that man cannot control the circumstances. There has to be God’s consent in everything a man does.

Business in Germany is not scheduled according to the religion unlike Saudi Arabia, where there has to be a break for Salat five times a day no matter what the circumstances. When it is the time to pray Salat, men rush towards the mosques and close the business for that while. Germans don’t include breaks for such purposes in their business practices. This can fundamentally be attributed to the unusually high influence of Islam upon the Saudi Arabs than a religion has conventionally had upon the Germans.