Comparison of the writing style of Jonathan Swift and Samuel Johnson



In the history of English literature, the literature of the eighteenth century (1700-1800) is considered as the literature of the Augustan or Classic Age. Augustan was Roman king. At that time the literature flourished. In this century, the literature also flourished and became polished. Jonathan Swift and Samuel Johnson are among those incredible writers who polished the literature of that time. For the contribution of the writers like Pope, Swift, Johnson this age is regarded as the age of prose, the age of satire. They revived the classical age and it was known as the neo-classical age. Though the field of work of Jonathan Swift and Samuel Johnson was quite different, they had some similarities because of the influence of the age and certainly some dissimilarities. Throughout ages comparisons of the writing styles of the writers are done. For example- “The Life of Cowley” by Samuel Johnson contains the comparison of the writing style of Cowley with the other metaphysical poets and Milton. “Samuel Johnson on Writing and Creative Doggedness” by Maria Popova contains the comparison of Samuel Johnson with Thomas Edison.&nbsp.Jonathan Swift was unequivocally a writer of prose. Occasionally he wrote verse like his poems to Stella, his Legion Club and the Pindaric Odes. But they were not successful.&nbsp.Swift had easy and instinctive nature of expression. He is frank and open all over and in this regard broadly varies from such creators as Goethe, Schiller and Addison.