Competition Faced by Magiqads in the UK

Transport- Railway &amp. underground systems, airports, buses, taxis, and trucksides, etc form the core of transport medium. Due to its high street presence in areas where roadside marketing takes a back leap, it is one of the most popular outdoor advertising medium.
A full service media house based in Kuala Lumpur, Magiqads uses 3D-floor imaging technology called ‘Floorstoppers’ (patented in London). Some of the esteemed companies with whom Magiqads has signed long term deals include Tesco’s, Airports (Langkawi / Penang etc.), Universities, and the Kuala Lumpur monorail. Our partnerships include the University of Malaya (graphic design &amp. creative skills) and 3M, who provide the laminate and training for our media installers. Brands who advertise with Magiqads in SE Asia include Sony Ericsson / Diageo / Coca-Cola / Adidas / Swatch and Unilever.
The company is soon going to launch its services in the UK. But, the road of survival and success in UK would definitely not be an easy task. UK already has a number of well established firms in the field of outdoor advertising. There are number of big and small firms providing advertising services in the UK. …
To survive and compete in such a highly competitive market, Magiqads has to create a niche for itself by providing best and innovative services at a price that beats its competitors.
The kind of fierce competition that Magiqads will have to face in the UK can be seen by this example-
Technology Boosts Outdoor Ads As Competition Becomes Fiercer4
In 1994, when the billboard companies bid for the world’s biggest outdoor advertising contract — to hang up posters throughout the London subway system – all what was offered was to hang up posters.
Recently, when the project came up again, it sparked a bidding war among the top providers of outdoor advertising space. The winner, CBS Corp., promised to install hundreds of television screens and projectors to beam advertisements on the walls. It spent years developing a way to stick up posters without glue (Aaron O. Patrick, 2006).
This reflects the changing scenario and increasing competition in the outdoor advertising market in UK. Companies are trying to outdo their rivals by providing new, creative, and innovative techniques at a price better than others.
In this kind of scene, if Magiqads have to survive and succeed, it will have to create a niche for itself by providing best and innovative services at a price that beats its competitors.
Some of the leading outdoor advertising companies that will give a tough competition to Magiqads in UK are Clearchannel, JC Decaux and Titan, CBS.
Clearchannel UK has established their brand and provide more than 70,000 advertising opportunities across 6 Sheets, billboards, premium formats and taxis5.
JC Decaux- JC Decaux has an unbeatable presence in all major cities of UK including Manchester, London, Birmingham, and Glass