Complacency case

Complacency case Monetary death is arising high inthe NICU due to ignorance of some nurses such as Deborah. Deborah is much less proficient with the infants whose condition can change rapidly, or the infant are critically ill (Hamlin, 2011). She is only used and skilled in monitoring and feeding the infants who are stable medically. She does not consult any reference material and she believes in her experience more than what books and journals states (Hamlin, 2011). Thou Deborah is highly proficient with infants who stable it means that she should not find difficulties in feeding the critically ill infants. Her immense reputation on handling any infant in the NICU should enable her to handle even the critically ill infants (Hamlin, 2011). Her failure to read professional journals and her argument and ignorance may make her responsible for any infant death associated with her career (Hamlin, 2011). By believing that her hand are more profession on experience than what a researchers article could ever be. She has no incentives to read articles and practice what she reads. Lack of this and her ignorance leads to a rapid infant mortality (Hamlin, 2011). Deborah’s suction and the employment of another nurse will lead to less infant death rates (Hamlin, 2011). This will be applicable because this new nurse will be handling all the cases unlike Deborah who handles only what she can hold on to she never makes the effort to try a read the ways of handling critically sick infants (Hamlin, 2011). The infants that are critically ill will benefit together with their families. Low mortality rates means that most of the critically ill infants will be facing intensive care from a widely learned nurse (Hamlin, 2011). Goals will only be achieved by the reduction of infant’s death rates (Hamlin, 2011). The employment of the new nurse will ensure that the critically ill infants are taken care of according to the clinical books journals and basic knowledge (Hamlin, 2011). Deborah applied only the knowledge she knew, and she had a false believe (Hamlin, 2011). By believing that her experience was enough for her job, yet she did not care for the critically ill infant was wrong. Every intellect in certain courses needs more additional knowledge in his or her area of specialization no matter how experienced a profession is with that certain case (Hamlin, 2011). The effectiveness of changing a nurse as soon as possible will lead to good health monitoring (Hamlin, 2011). The problem that Debora made was that she misused her handling for the rate ill infants to a high intellectual nurse experience (Hamlin, 2011). She was not experienced as it was claimed. she was a newborn intensive care unit nurse (Hamlin, 2011). Infant care is extremely beneficial in the nursing home or a hospital (Hamlin, 2011). The actions formulated by the nurse determine the health of an infant. Experience of a nurse in the handling of a sick infant is not only the basic knowledge acquired from the course (Hamlin, 2011). A nurse will need to research more on journals and many other education equipments to gain more knowledge on how to handle certain conditions under certain circumstances (Hamlin, 2011). Such nurses as Deborah should not be entertained that they are the best the hospital has. They may lead to more troubles other than solutions (Hamlin, 2011). ReferenceHamlin, L. (2011). Perioperative Nursing. New York: Elsevier Health Sciences.