Components of the Capstone Paper:Capstone Paper Cover Page (Page 1)- Use APA 6th edition format for Capstone paper Dedication- (Page 2) Acknowledgments- (Page 3) Table of Contents (Page 4)- Use template designed for Capstone paper found in Blackboard’s Course Materials folder Abstract (Page 6)- A one-half page summary of the contents of the Capstone paper To include the following: Topic Purpose Brief summary of sources Keywords (limit to 4-5 words) Conclusions Past tens Chapter one introduction (minimum 3 pages)Chapter One should include the following: The topic and scope of the research investigation An explanation of the importance of the topic to the field of education At least three sources cited with a clear connection to the research question Statement of interest to engage the reader (narrative hook) Definition of terms and the scope of the problem investigated- organized in a logical sequence Statement of the research question connecting to the Program Essential Question in the concluding paragraph Past tenseChapter Two: Literature Review (minimum 15 pages)A written narrative synthesizing and summarizing information from the selected research studies to develop a response and answer to the research question proposed in the Introduction. This should not be a list of separate studies or annotated bibliography, rather it is a detailed overview of the existing research that attempts to answer the proposed research question. The review will be a minimum of 15 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources; that may include, journal articles, online resources, and conference/summit papers. Must use APA format and citations.Please identify the following information for each source: Type of study (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, case study, or other) Number and age/grade level of the participants and other demographic/socioeconomic status information that provides the context for the study The methodology (interviews, surveys, observations, pre-post test data, experimental/control groups, etcetera Key findings that are related to your research question Limitations mentioned in the study, and any other limitations that you noted Chapter includes an introduction and conclusion with transition into the following chapter Past tenseChapter Three: Research Summary and Conclusions (minimum 3-4 pages)A succinct and precise summary, and a synthesized conclusion of the Introduction and Literature Review.This section must include the following: A review of the proposed problem (research question) that was investigated The importance of this topic A paraphrased summary of the findings from the research studies that were examined in the Literature Review with a synthesized conclusion of how the findings answer the research question Past tenseThis is a concise chapter that clearly identifies the findings of the studies that were discussed in the Literature Review and syntheses the research in relation to the research question. This chapter also includes an introduction and conclusion with transition into the following chapter.Chapter Four: Discussion/Application/Future Studies (minimum 4 to 5 pages)This chapter includes the following: A summary of the insights gained from the research that will lead to improved instructional practice Specific application examples of how the research will inform instructional or educational practices A minimum of three suggestions for possible future studies A strong conclusion, as it acts as the conclusion for the entire paper Present and/or future tenseReferences: An alphabetical listing of resources cited in the paper, with correct citations per APA – 6th Edition.