COMZ Group

He further emphasizes on relationship building skills among his employees by holding a ten-minute conversation with each staff member to give them an insight on the importance of listening effectively to customers. Listening skills among staff are viewed as a necessity towards dealing with clients and understanding their needs for better service provision. More so, listening skills go a long way in establishing good relationships with clients, which is in itself more important than making profits. Pedersen refers to profitability as a by-product of doing a good job rather than chasing on making profits and not having an impact on the needs of clients. Staff, suppliers, and the community are equally important to the organization, and thus, the business responsibility of Comz Group is that which is solution-oriented to widespread needs. Comz Group organization’s culture is focused towards such tendencies of business solutions through creativity, positive relationships, and mentoring employees towards self-actualization in their contribution to the organization. It seeks to not only empower employees through mentoring, teamwork, and positive relationships, but also to empower the society through its corporate social responsibility. QUESTION 2 2a] Comz Group places its corporate social responsibility as a primary concern of its operations and overlooks shareholders concern of profits as a by-product to satisfaction of its clients. Comz Group has a popular attitude towards the environment that has been clearly indicated by its use of recycle-oriented waste management companies in their outdoor events. The company’s environmental policies are also subjected to continuous improvement by staff assigned such responsibility, and thus promoting its contribution to the local community and environment at large. This has had a huge effect on the Company’s societal image and successes of outstanding creativity and teamwork of their staff, which has been indicated by the creative communications award it received. Through this, the company has received recognition and excellence reports for its business responsibility and primary concern contributing to the society. More so, an environmental factor such as recycling goes a long way in promoting Comz Group popular attitude towards the environment using waste management companies in its outdoor events. 2b] According to Pedersen, the organization’s role in the community is more important than other aspects such as profitability, thus rendering its participation in the community as a necessity towards building a popular attitude towards the environment. The company has raised substantial amounts of funds to assist in Voluntary Services Overseas and other community enhancement activities such as the MacMillan Cancer Trust, Youth unemployment, and Springboard. The company has been able to enhance its popular attitude towards the environment through its participation in community projects. The company’s goals of establishing positive relations and empowering the unemployed youths preclude success to the Comz Group in general. Local community projects involvement would help in enhancing corporate image and brand name. A good reputable image and brand name would help the organization in not only drawing more clients, but also increasing its goodwill and corporate value, and thus stock prices. QUESTION 3 3a] Comz Group’