Conccept waste time and time is money

Wasted Time and Time is Money of Wasted Time and Time is Money Today when time management is very important onecan simply assume the idea that if someone is not focusing on the productivity&nbsp.then he/she is just wasting time. For this reason we try to get ourselves well organized in an effort to enhance our productivity.
The whole concept of “wasted time” has a dominant influence on our priorities. If we buy into Benjamin Franklin’s introduced “Time is money” approach, then our first priority would be productivity. (Franklin &amp. Franklin, 1808) The idea of "time waste" was introduced in order to differentiate between the time that was actually spent for some procedure and the outcome of that procedure. Time waste is calculated as a factor of unnecessary waiting. The relationship between money and time is very complex.
While we are adopting the idea that” time is money” we are basically assigning an economic value to time. This conception is disturbing our perspective of life. It also makes us to base our values on our level of productivity and how much we get. This is what we can say a disturbing point of view for numerous reasons.
Money is tangible while time cannot be felt, seen or touched.&nbsp.Intangibility of time makes it hard for us to understand when we have not invested it. We habitually spend our time today on the expense of tomorrow.
Many amongst us know the verified principals for mastering time expense.&nbsp.
Activities should be prioritized on the basis of importance on a daily basis.
For maximum productivity, one should work toward completing critical/important/urgent tasks everyday.
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