“Concept of accountaibility &amp

how it can be strengthened in world pilitics"Individuals who are in positions of power that affect world politics should have a higher level of accountability than local politicians due to the possible ramifications. A need for strengthened accountability is needed in their volatile political atmosphere.
By applying the need for increased accountability in organizations that influence world politics is important in many aspects. Without being held to task for what they are doing, there is a possibility of personal beliefs and unknown alliances to influence the results. If this occurs, there could be detrimental consequences for all of those involved. To explain how accountability is better used, a supranational organization will be examined by how accountability is used currently and how it could be better used. Supranational organization means that an organization is above one nation, either by the span of their operations or because of where the leaders are located. A great example of this is during the current conflict the United States government in attempts to save money and decrease troop levels began to hire private corporations to act as paramilitary forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
One corporation that has been in the news off and on since the beginning of the United States involvement in Iraqi conflict was what is currently known as Academi. Academi has been previously known as Xe Services LLC, Blackwater USA, and Blackwater Worldwide. According to the United States government, Academi has provided private military security, diplomatic security, logistics, airlift, and transportation to the United States government. In addition to providing the national government, Academi has assisted state governments with security. (Burns, 2007) To make matters worse, those in control of Academi have contracts assisting foreign countries, such as Japan. (Shachtman, 2007) Due to their conduct, the country of Iraq has banned Academi