Consumer Behavior

Second, sleek exteriors and interior designs that fit a driver’s proportions as well as easy vehicular entry and exit, minimal maintenance, good visibility, storage space, and effortless parking are important to women… and men . We have found that by meeting women’s expectations, we exceeded those of most men, says Hans-Olivo Olsson, president and CEO of Volvo cars, a unit of Ford Motor Company. Not surprisingly, 54% of Volvo buyers in North America are women. Third, women approach car buying in a deliberate manner. They frequently visit auto-buying websites and scan car advertisements to gather information, but recommendations of friends and relations matter most. Women shop an average of three dealerships before making a purchase decision one more than men. Recognizing that women as purchasers and influencers in car and truck buying have also altered the behaviour of dealers. Many dealers now use a one-price policy and have stopped negotiation a vehicles price. Industry research indicates that 68% of new car buyers dread the price negotiation process involved in buying a car and women often refuse to do it at all (Business week, March 15, 2004). The above example clearly shows that how women influence the purchase decision-making process. If we carefully study the consumers we find that their behaviour is intricate and complex. The behaviour of consumers is subtle in nature, making it difficult to understand fully. Consumer behaviour is so prevalent. it significantly affects our lives either through our own action or those of other consumers. Therefore it has a great deal of practical relevance to our daily lives.Potential adopters of free services or even philosophies or ideas can also be encompassed by the definition of consumer. But our primary attention will be directed toward ultimate consumers, those individuals who purchase for the purpose of individual or household consumption.