Consumer Decision The Effect of WordofMouth



Journal articles have been mainly used for the secondary based study. Results: The study regarding the word of mouth has shown that the positive effect of the word of mouth has surprised the negative effe3ct and has been comprehensive in perusing the customers decision-making while purchase. Results from the study have shown that the consumers who have been a customer of the organizations products and services have added more value to the firm in the long run than the conventional customers. The online word of mouth has also been significant in influencing the purchase decisions in a positive way. Conclusion: The study has provided with a detailed understanding of the word of mouth and found to be highly significant in influencing the purchase decision of the consumers. It has been obtained from the study that the use of word of mouth has yielded promising results for the organizations as a marketing tool Word of mouth has been successful in perusing the customers to act positively. The study of word of mouth can thus be said to be an important contribution in the marketing aspect of an organization and have been a profitable solution for the success of different companies. Discussions: Word of mouth has a strong role to play in guiding the customers. Marketing professionals have exploited this aspect to their benefit. However organizations also need to be careful about the negative aspect of the word of mouth. Customer who prefers uniqueness in their product also hesitates in giving a positive word of mouth