Consumers are Passive Victims Manipulated Into Buying Commodities They Cannot Resist

This essay discusses and investigates the topic on why the purchasing habits of the consumers are heavily dependent on certain market parameters. Consumer power in the current marketing system is always a controversial one. Majority of the consumers all over the world are passive elements rather than active elements as far market is concerned. In fashion industry, the passive nature of the consumers is more evident. This essay refers to several examples such as: people normally take inspirations from celebrities while they take purchasing decisions in fashion industry. Products endorsed by the celebrities are moving rapidly towards the market than the products which do not have any such backing. In other words, the researcher states that people are blindly trusting the words of the celebrities and product manufacturers and they are not bothering much to research more about the authenticity of the offers put forward by the advertisers and marketers. However, no two individuals are alike: either physically or mentally and therefore it is not necessary that a product suited to one person may be suited to another person. To conclude the research, the author suggests his opinion on the topic that modern customers are not ready to accept such claims and they try to boost their image with the help of expensive products that were successfully advertised by celebreties. Long story short, majority of the current consumers are passive in nature while they take their purchasing decisions.