Contemporary and Classic artworks



The essay "THREE contemporary artworks" discovers the Three Artworks Illustrating The Aspect Of Interdisciplinary Practice. The genre of the sound is taken to be a contemporary artwork and is it an interdisciplinary based on nature. The artwork of sound can take a form of hybrid. The major difference between the sound art and the traditional way of painting is that, the art of sound encourages the concentration on the aural stimulation while the art of traditional painting concentrates on pleasing the eye. In the discipline of sound art, there is the use of music or rather sound technology to bring out the artwork in it. Sound art always focuses on the aesthetic ways of conveying sound. This is the best approach in sound art as it values the music and sound in it to be a worthwhile form as per the consideration of the history of arts. Now days, the art of sound can involve sound tools such as the noise sound, electronics and media which is definitely audio. Also, the environmental sound, sounds from the body of the human beings, acoustics and many more tools can be involved in the art of sound. Only significant and relevant tools or rather subjects which are part of the artwork which is contemporary can be used in the art of sound. According to the current scholars, the art of sound has now changed its role in the art of contemporary and also in its vocabulary of sound so as to fit in its works which are new unlike the art of classical discipline. Also, currently sound art has become more diversified.