Context and Truth

It’s also the interconnected circumstances in which something exists or happens. It has a major role to play in the sense that it can be as powerful as completely changing the meaning of the said or written to something totally opposite of what the original had been. Context can be categorized into several demographic classes. be it social or political. The thought is that context influences the means we comprehend the term.
The truth in its actual meanings is the level of meaningfulness, fact relation, confirmation and level of sincerity. Wherever the ‘truth’ comes in, the result is either one will staunchly agree to it and will consider it a sin to question or challenge its credibility. But with the evident of the truth, there is also uproar by those who are doubtful about its existence. Either they completely reject the truth or they begin look for answers which makes them believe in that truth.
A lot people argue on the truthfulness of something. What actually they are doing is that they are trying to match their desired answers with the ones they already have. This is merely in pursuit of getting ones’ self correct in front of others. After all its human nature that one finds it difficult to accept failure. So to maintain one’s self respect, to continue to feed one’s ego and to fulfill the urge of being superior to others makes one argue on the truthfulness of something.
Thus in this case the truth turns out to be something overloaded with certain facts that might have been related to the topic by someone in such a technical way that it looks as the truth in front of the claims placed by others (Taylor, 1998). This is a good way engineering any sort of communication to benefit ones’ self and create a wining situation against the competing claims of anyone else. But during this competing what happens is that either the truth becomes distorted or it completely loses its originality. You can understand it by this that consider the truth to an elephant and you ask seven blind men, to touch and feel the elephant and then describe what an elephant looks like. The result will be that each of the seven blind men will think that only he knows what an elephant looks like and thus, only he knows what the truth is.
To justify the existence of truth, another approach may be of finding out the best possible answer(s)! Many people will agree on this point. The fact, that though a lot of people know that what is the truth and are having its full availability and awareness. But still these people are in a constant search of truth, is based on the concept of finding what is best. People are in constant search of truth because knowing the truth about life, this world or this universe can give them satisfaction.
It can help them in understanding themselves better. Its can help people become productive. It can help us to solve problems that we face in every phase of our life.
Extending on the saying "survival of the fittest", the rule is very much applicable to the "Truth" as well. The truth therefore may be also based on an entity’s nature, a certain phenomena or even someone else’s experiences. This yields truth to be subjective to different aspects. However, this is not the actual case. The truth of any n’ every thing is its correctness which can neither be judged by mere proofs nor can be measured on some scale. It is not the truth that