Contextualization of Development

This report stresses that globalization and its impacts have been very evident in Canada. Some of the large companies in Canada have become global. This means that such companies have been able to access new markets as well as new challenges. The ratification of the Free Trade Agreement with Canada and the United States in 1988 has seen dramatic change in the business environment in Canada. In addition, Canada has been able export and import human resources. As a matter of fact, Canada is known to be one of the encouraging expatriation through programs like green cards and visas. Canada has been able to enjoy a number of benefits as a result of globalization. Globalization has also had negative effect too. One of the negative effects of globalization is inequality between the industrialized and the less industrialized nations. This disparity has been caused by exploitation of the less industrialized nations by the industrialized ones. This has led to overdependence of the industrialized nations by the less industrialized ones.
This paper makes a conclusion that globalization is inevitable and its impacts cannot be overlooked. All sectors of human beings and nations are affected by globalization. Just as seen in the above discussion, globalization affects the social, economic and political spheres. There is a thin line of difference between globalization and modernization, therefore any human being, society and nation must embrace globalization.