Continuning Academic Success

Continuing Academic Success Continuing Academic Success Importance of setting goals and objectives The process of setting objectives and goals permits students to pick where they need to go in school and what they need to accomplish. By realizing what they need to accomplish, they realize what they need to focus on and make strides. Objective setting gives students long term motivation as well as vision. With sharp and clearly defined goals, that are measurable to students, the student is able to take pride in accomplishing those goals and objectives. They are able to see a clear forward progress and development in what might have been considered to be a long drawn out process. According to Karabenick amp. Newman (2006) goal setting for students is one of the ways that students can use to evaluate and assess their progress. Achieving and attaining set goals enables the student see the difference in progress.Develops a sense of accountability and responsibility for students learningWhenever students analyze their own school assessments, class participation, and so on, they often become more interested in the analysis because it is relevant to them. While reflecting on the data, students have an opportunity to set goals for themselves. Once a student has set goals and objectives in their school work, they naturally become accountable to their actions to make sure that whatever they do is in line with their goals. This helps a student develop a sense of accountability not just in their school work but generally in life.Improve their academic performanceGoals and objectives of a student are primarily based on their academic endeavors and therefore setting of the goals is one of the ways that as student will be able to improve their performance. The advantage of setting goals in academics is that a student is able to set a higher standard for their performance. This consequently helps them improve their performance in different fields of academics. According to Boekaerts (2010) student performance is primarily based on self evaluation and setting of goals that are aimed at improving the grades.Increase student pride, self-confidence and satisfaction in performanceWith goals and objectives that are practical and achievable, a student is able to enhance confidence in them as well as pride in achieving better grades and succeeding in academics. This is particularly effective when a student achieves one of the goals. The acquire confidence to achieve more and work harder towards higher goals. In addition, the student is able to develop pride in their performance. This is because they have worked hard for that particular performance. Plan for future careerGoals and objectives are very essentials for students as it helps them set a clear path for their future career. Most of the times, majority of the students find it hard to explain or describe what they want to do in future. With long-term goals and objectives, a clear path can be drawn describing the different milestones a student wants to overcome in order to fulfill a career. Gardner et al. (2008) says that in order for students to take full control of their life and their time and to guide their decisions, it is wise to begin by coming up with some goals for the future. A successful career in the future is planned from an early stage as it will take every lesson in life to accomplish the career. ReferencesBoekaerts, M. (2010). Handbook of self-regulation. San Diego: Academic Press. Gardner, J. N., Jewler, A. J., amp. Barefoot, B. O. (2008). Step by step to college and career success. Southbank, Victoria], Australia: Thomson Wadsworth. Top of FormKarabenick, S. A., amp. Newman, R. S. (2006). Help seeking in academic settings: Goals, groups, and contexts. Mahwah, N.J: Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers. Bottom of FormTop of FormBottom of FormTop of FormBottom of Form