Control mechanisms

of the Organization In this paper, I will identify and compare four types of control mechanisms used at Boeing aerospace company. Control Mechanisms Used At Boeing
Ganly (2010) states, “Control mechanisms are used for many purposes in business management”. The management of Boeing has implemented various control mechanisms to maintain grip on the industry. Four main control mechanisms used at Boeing include scheduling, budgeting, employee incentive program, and management information system. Let us discuss and compare all of these control mechanisms.
Budgeting is the most important control mechanism used at Boeing. Proper budgeting not only leads towards proper utilization of resources but also helps management avoid overspending and inappropriate use of available resources. Employee incentive program and scheduling of business processes are also dependent on the budget control mechanism.
At Boeing, managers do effective budgeting before starting any new project because it makes them complete the projects without facing any financial problem. The benefits, which budgeting control mechanism provides to the management of Boeing, include control over financial resources, improved financial communication, and achievement of definite business objectives.
Scheduling of business operations is very important for Boeing, as the company has to deal with commercial as well as military clients. Management of Boeing makes use of project network diagrams and Gantt Charts to do proper scheduling of all business activities. As compared to employee incentive program, which is use to improve employee productivity, scheduling is somewhat more important control mechanism because it has to deal with the management of core business processes required for ensuring production and project completion within the deadlines. Scheduling means to time the business operations in such a way that none of the business operations becomes obstacle in the way of other business operations.
Employee Incentive Program
Boeing makes a great use of this control mechanism to improve the performance of employees. This control mechanism not only helps the company improve performance and productivity of employees but also improves employee loyalty. Boeing offers different kinds of incentives and rewards to its employees to motivate them. Wellness programs, health insurance, and paid vacations are some of the most considerable incentives that Boeing offers to its employees.
Management Information System
This control mechanism holds great importance in the success of Boeing aerospace company. It means to manage the information that is required to run business operations and other activities of an organization. The key tasks of Boeing’s information system include management of business related information, documentation of the collected information, and assisting the management in information processing. The main aim of implementing this control mechanism at Boeing is to develop such tools, which help managers, decision makers, and employees of the organization in effectively processing the information regarding various tasks and business operations.
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