Controlling Costs

Instructions:In this unit, we discussed various methods of controlling costs, as well as new ways health care organizations are working to reach their patient populations. For this assignment, consider yourself in the following scenario:Scenario:You sit on an advisory board for a large health care system. The system’s leadership has proposed adding one of the following options to their services: Telemedicine or a Retail Clinic within a local store.Respond to the following in a Word document, using headings to separate each point. Approximately two pages in length: Considering both business and patient care perspectives, which option would you endorse, and why? What research evidence supports your decision? Summarize your research findings, including in-text citations as applicable. How does this new project support cost control? What areas of concern should the health system be mindful of if pursuing this project? Provide a conclusion with your official recommendation in one paragraph. Include a minimum of two scholarly sources on a reference page; APA format should be followed throughout.Controlling Costs16/05/202010humanresource-management