Conversations about Modern Art

The paper "Conversations about Modern Art" analyzes modern art, poetry and also "Starry night", the painting of Vincent van Gogh. The use of spiral lines in his painting also depicts a slow cool night in the small town. The orange illuminating color of the moon creates a picture of peace. The white colors of the stars also surround the little town creating a peaceful horizon. The swirling wave motion and curling nature of the moon also creates a cool horizon as can be seen in the painting. The slow motion movement of the trees surrounding the houses in the town also proves a peaceful environment. On the, stands a massive dark structure resembling a tall tree. Gogh brings this image out of seclusion from the rest of the town and shows stability in the town. Gogh in the painting represents a peaceful emotion. This is by use of stars and the fact that people are missing in the streets or in the town. By use of spiral and curly lines in his painting, various contrasts in colors also create a good balance of peace in the representation. The painting represents a good aspect of modernism. The age of the painting depicts an age where artists created modern artistic work moving away from neoclassicism. The picture of well-organized houses in a small town represents modernity. The church represented in the drawing at the centre of the houses also shows a modern way of life. The houses also show new forms of buildings a real difference from the ancient kind of buildings in that age.