Convinving a friend to stop smoking

Introduction You may think that you accrue benefits from smoking simply because you fit in a crowd or even you seem cool and therefore people will like you but are cheated. There are many reasons for smoking but unfortunately the results are the same. deterioration of your health. Understand me please since I if asked to pick a behavior for you to change I would pick smoking since I would dislike seeing you sent to an early grave, after your career, relationships and your finances are all ruined, by a behavior you can be able to stop. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for you to quit smoking Imagine the improved health, physically and mentally not to mention the extra savings from cigarettes expenses each week. Allow me to show you why you need to stop smoking.
Why and how to stop smoking
The American Heart Association (AHA) in their recent survey indicates that smokers live an average of 14 years less than smokers (Marrow, 2008). There are many reasons for this, one of them being the diseases associated with smoking. Health authorities usually puts a warning on each cigarette box against the would be smokers but I think you need more than this. Listen to this from estimates that over 3000 chemical substances exist in tobacco smoke. Nicotine, carbon monoxide, sulpher dioxide, methanol are just a few. Assuming now somebody comes to you and says "hey you want to inject a dose of sulpher dioxide in your blood stream." Would you deny it Yet that is what you are doing each time you smoke. Diseases such as lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, asthma, osteoporosis, smokers cough, cancers of lynx and tongue are derived from such chemicals, and the risk is directly proportional to the cigarettes smoked. Apart from the diseases other conditions can be foul body odor and general ill feeling (Marrow, 2008). So how do you exactly stop smoking Firstly sit down and write a list of thing that compels you to stop smoking then set a date for the action. Get used to drinking plenty of fluids like fruit juices and warm water this will cleanse the detoxicants in the body. Munch carrot sticks, radishes and other vegetables as an oral substitute to break the ties of smoking still you can use cigarettes substitutes like chewing gums, lollipops to fulfill that craving urge to smoke. Then, have a positive attitude towards health and lastly find something to do with your now free hands: you can take a walk, go for a swim, exercise and practice deep breathing. By exercising you learn how smoking has adversely affected you and so would want to ward it off. similarly it is through exercises that your health is able to improve. Quitting smoking is therefore a question of mind and the body and if you follow the above steps it will be a success. (Marrow, 2008)
Unfortunately adverts exhibit smoking as a way of relaxation after all the are in business, they never show the negative side. Fortunately it is never too late to quit. Human body is amazing and will be able to recuperate relatively quickly. In as little as three months, (Marrow, 2008) ex-smokers should be able to feel happier and healthier. Finally considers this illustration was admitted into a hospital due to a smoking related complication and observing how young he was the doctor advised him to stop smoking but the advice was not taken. More oftenly the man kept being admitted for treatment but still he wouldn’t quit. Finally the doctor told him he would have to stop smoking before he died. True to doctor’s words he stopped smoking when he could no longer get out of the hospital compound to smoke. Needless to say you need to quit smoking before the doctors says you will have to do it.
Marrow, D. (2008): 4 Ways to Quit Smoking Today.