Copyright Issues

he originator realized that their contribution has received acknowledgement in different regions, and there is no mention of their name and contribution. Copyright laws have provided concrete protection to the misuse of art, however it fails to up bring and provides opportunities to other artist to work upon and carry forward the work of other master piece. Copyright laws have banned the duplication or any other form of plagiarisms, neither has it permitted any form of alteration or modification efforts of the individual for the improvement of the work piece. Therefore if Copyright laws are positive step towards protection of the master piece, however it has taken an offensive step against the emerging artist who seeks alteration in previous master piece. Therefore it is really important for the artist community to understand that the implementation of copyright laws have narrowed the spectrum of creativity that the young artist possessed to launch and experiment their skills in early stages.
Internet has so far being partially successful in execution and implementation of the copyright laws, initially the services and offerings of the internet operated not under any international copyright agreement. During this period it was observed that the emerging artist seek guidance from the masterpiece available, this practice was enhancing their skills, but later when few of those involved themselves into malpractice the society realized that copyright laws needed to be implemented internationally. The positive aspects was ignored i.e. skills and motivations of the young artist was improving.
The internet regulation and monitoring is however stable in developed countries, it is saddening to observe that in many developing countries like China, Pakistan and India, internet is still the frequent mode of plagiarism, all this is under the notice of the internet agencies based in United States and Europe, but no action has been taken because such regulations and violations